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You work hard on your craft - on your songwriting, on learning your instrument and on building connections. You are pouring your heart and soul into your shows and converting everyone that hears you into lifelong fans.

Music is your life, your passion.

We are here to push you even further as an artist - more than you even thought you were capable of. We want you to leave the studio with something you can be proud of - something that will cut through the noise,demand peoples attention and stand out in this playlist world.

We don’t just press record here at Rocky Water Studios. We produce and inspire you to be the best you can be.

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by Rocky Water Studios


Opened in 2017, Rocky Water Studios is a 3 room recording facility based in the Historic EGAD (Eau Gallie Arts District) area of Melbourne, Florida - an upcoming community built around the creation of art and culture.

The studio provides you with an inspiring and comfortable environment that is filled with every kind of tool you could need. A creative space where Hi-fi and Lo-fi clashes and swirls.Where instruments are chosen for their character, vibe and functionality. Expect to find pristine Neve and API microphone preamps alongside dusty old tape machines and Pro tools HD systems.You will find high end microphones, boutique amps, custom shop guitars and basses next to pawn shop relics and up to the minute Virtual Instruments.

We work with labels, production houses and independent artists every day with every kind of budget. Fill in the form to get a conversation started.

The studio is just a 5 min drive from the beautiful beaches of Melbourne and is a killer destination for bands looking to get out of the big cities to focus on their music.

On days off Disneyland,Universal Studios and other Orlando attractions are just an hour away.

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Stuart Richardson is a platinum-selling musician, an award-winning producer/mixer and songwriter from Britain who c0-owns Rocky Water Studios.

He began working as a recording engineer in his native Wales in the mid-'90s, cutting his teeth with bands and musicians who would go on to become breakout artists, such as Funeral for a Friend, Bullet for my Valentine, The Blackout, and Kids in Glass Houses. In 1998, Stu joined the band Lostprophets, who in 2000 signed a record deal with Columbia Records/Visible Noise.

He spent 2000-2012 on constant album and tour cycles earning No. 1 albums and sales of more than 3.5 million units, multiple industry awards, millions of YouTube views and music streams, sold-out shows in clubs, arenas and headlining music festival shows on stages across the globe.

Stuart has taken part in every aspect of the music industry

He lived and worked in Los Angeles from 2003-2013 before relocating to Florida to raise his family.In 2014 after what could only be described as the tragic breakup with his old band, he started concentrating on production full time again. Free from the time constraints touring was putting on his life. Currently a member of the highly acclaimed band NO DEVOTION, Stu is also a touring bassist with the legendary post-hardcore band THURSDAY on domestic and international tours.

Throughout his career, Stu has worked with a variety of producers and mixers both as an artist and as a colleague including Dave Fridmann, Eric Valentine, Bob Rock, Alan Moulder, Ken Andrews, John Feldmann, Randy Staub, Heba Kadry and Jesse Cannon . He's produced and mixed for labels such as Sony Europe, Columbia, Epic, Fearless ,Visible Noise, Dine Alone, Animal Style, Collect. His work and compositions can also also be found on many video game and film soundtracks.



Anthony Fata is an accomplished musician, engineer and co-owner of Rocky Water Studios. He is a Full Sail graduate with over 15 years of experience in studos. He owns a video and media production company and can be found playing drums in the garage rock band The Dull Blades.





'As a label and product manager, I worked with Stuart on two projects — one where he was writer/producer and one where he literally saved a record in the mixing room — and his professional and artistic acumen is of the highest caliber. It's rare to find someone who understands all aspects of making a record the way he does. Stu is a gem.' 

Norman Brannon- (Collect Records,Texas is the Reason,Shelter) - New York,NY


'Stu is my first call when I want to record. It's rare to meet someone who is a talented songwriter, producer, engineer & mixer! His instincts are right on and he helps bring a different vibe that ends up lifting the song. I've played him song ideas I was ready to throw away and he's completely saved them and brought them to life.'

Jennifer Goodridge - (Seaspin, Sister Mystery, Beyond Ideas Collective). - Los Angeles,CA


'Stuart is a brilliant producer and song writer. He is always thinking outside the box when it comes to song writing and has an amazing talent at knowing where a track should go to get the best out of it. As a mixer he push boundaries, goes where others wouldn't dare to. He gets amazing sounding tracks as a result'

Neil Starr-(Phil Cambell and His Bastard Sons, Attack Attack! Dopamine) - United Kingdom


'My band Buffalo Summer were looking for someone to mix our second album "Second Sun." 
We had around 10 test mixes done with various producers and we found the ingredients of what we wanted with Stu.

He kept it organic, fat and dirty.... Just the way we like it.

I'd recommend Stu to anyone in a producing or mixing capacity. He rocks!!!' 


Andrew Hunt-(Buffalo Summer)-Wales,United Kingdom


‘Anthony has recorded countless tracks for me, both in the studio and out in the field. There's a reason I keep calling him’


Anthony Hight - (Ant Farm Media,Anaheim) - CA


 'Stu has produced, mixed and co- written with my previous bands resulting in great songs that don't sound like every other radio rock band. You get something unique, thoughtful, high quality and pushed to get your very best performance with Stu. Best producer I've worked with, making recording fun not tedious.'


Will Davies - (States and Empires,Attack Attack!)- United Kingdom


'Working with Stu is the easiest recording I've ever done, while producing better results, faster than anywhere I've ever recorded. Will never go anywhere else.'

Steve Lafleur -  (Second lives)-  Melbourne,FL


Quality production? Preservation of artistic integrity? Welcome home.'

David Bagget - (Harbour City Revival) - Melbourne,FL

 “We have driven all the way from Jacksonville to work with Stu numerous times. He’s always a ton of fun to work with and his knowledge goes a long way. They have all the gear you’d ever need, and produce the best product available. Love Rocky Water Studios.’

Rob Kotlinski-  (Conjure) - Jacksonville,FL





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