• To make an EP that is bold,artistic and timeless.

  • To create a product that will stand proud next to songs on the radio and on the playlists.

  • To use the song as leverage to play bigger and better venues.

  • To continue to push your “Brand” awareness.


  • 2 Pro,high level engineers and producers working in tandem get the project done right and on time.

  • Extensive preproduction- This is where bands fail- going into a studio without a blueprint can be a fatal error . WE want to make sure we are completely ready before we press RECORD.

  • Songwriting - The team at the studio has been a part of songs that have sold millions of records, gathered over a 100 million views on Youtube and millions of streams on Spotify,etc. Songs that have won awards,been placed in TV shows, Movies,playlists and written about on music blogs, magazines We take music very seriously here at Rocky Water Studios,Songwriting is one of our greatest superpowers and we love to collaborate with artists.

  • Guidance - We will push you to perform your best and to achieve things you may not have thought was possible.

  • Generous time limit - We believe that watching the clock and paying by the hour kills ideas and creativity - we can't offer UNLIMITED time but with the budget proposed we will be able to get everything we need and more

  • Gear Rental - we can source outside instruments for you if needed

  • Additional Players- The Space Coastis full of amazingly talented musicians - lets use that to our advantage.

  • Mixing - We will give you Pro level mixes with 3 revisions on each mix -This is our other Superpower! You want your music to be heard and appreciated by all of your current and future fans. Once you release these songs, there is no going back.The songs are out there forever. The last thing you want is to hate the sound of your own songs for the next decade. Don’t worry,We got this! From Major labels, local artists and cooler than cool indie labels we work with everybody - You are in safe hands!

  • Mastering- We will use our insanely talented outside engineer to put the icing on the cake and master the project for you.

Budget -

4 songs - $2500 x 4 = $10,000

Feel free to contact us to discuss the budget - Once we lock in a price and timeline a deposit of 50% is required to secure your dates with the remainder to be paid on day one of recording.

Look forward to working with you!


Rocky Water Studios